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Summer=Children's camps
Summer=Children's camps

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She's 74 years old. She lives with her son who has epilepsy. 
There's no electricity nor water in the house they live in. 
He is a 63 year-old widow. 
He has a serious illness affecting his lungs and suffers from aortic stenosis.
The roof on his house is leaking. It's hard for Gyula to do all the work around the house.  
She has 61 years. Her monthly income is 25.600 Ft.
She is 62 years old. Her disability pension is 29.000 Ft.
She's 64 years old. She suffers from high blood pressure. At the moment she doesn't even have pension.
She is 61 years old. She has heart issues. There's no water in her home. 
She's 76 years old. She had a stroke and as a consequence she has cardiac arrhythmia.
He is 63 years old. His right arm is paralyzed because of a stroke he had. His wife takes care of him. 
She's 70 years old. Her husbands pension is their only monthly income. There's no water in their house.
She is a 73 year-old-widow. She suffers from high blood pressure.
She is a 50 year-old-pensioner.
Ferenc is a 52 year-old-divorced man.
He lives in a trailer.
He likes to do agricultural work in his free time.
Antal is a 59 year-old married man. 
He suffers from cardiac failure, high blood pressure and spinal disc herniation. 
He can't do the work around the house without help.
Tamás is a 56 years old widow.
He lives in a flat with only a room and a kitchen. The wall and the roof of his home need renovation.
He has brain atrophy, heart and spine disease. He cannot do the work around the house alone.
Márta is 81 years old.
She lives in a flat consisting of only a kitchen and a room. The walls and the roof of her home are in bad condition.
She is disabled and permanently ill. She has Parkinson disease and cancer. She cannot do the work around the house alone.
She is 63 years old. She is married.
She lives in a 64 m 2 flat with her husband.
She is a disability pensioner who needs continuous medical care.
Krisztina is 45 years old.
She lives with her companion in a rented flat where the roof is bad and the drinkable water is
provided by an outside well. 
She is ill. She cannot undertake work.
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