Dorcas Camps

The Dorcas Camps aims to help children living in poor conditions in Hungary and the Ukraine.

The camps are designed to host children from disadvantaged families in the summer period and ensure a week of age appropriate programs for them including sport, games and crafts.

All Dorcas camps wish to communicate God’s love to the children so the Christian setting, teaching and spirituality are key and centred in camp life.

Dorcas wants to influence children in a friendly and fun environment when they can be away from the daily struggles they face, relax and hear God’s plan with their lives clearly communicated to them so after they arrive home they can put that in practice in order to experience change in their present and future circumstances.

The children are from poor families, orphans or handicapped, living in different areas of Hungary and the Ukraine. Their living conditions are low which is also manifested in that they cannot go on holidays. They are connected to the local church so there is a chance for them to hear the Gospel and God’s plan for them in their lives but the distinct time when they could spend time together as a family. The Christian faith is the foundation of the change we want our target group to experience in their life.

One week for a child costs $100 – do you want to help change lives?