Diaconial Aid

Diaconate is derived from the Greek word diaconia. It means service, to serve. From the very beginning the Church has seen this as one of its main tasks: serving your neighbour, the people in your country and in the world. By being a servant to people and to the society, near and far, the churches put into practice the Biblical message. The Bible does not apply the law of the strongest, but the weakest. Again and again the call sounds to work together for a just society. It is God’s intention that the world and every human being comes into its own. The church gives there in the diaconate, in all modesty, hands and feet.

The church follows the example of Jesus, who said, “He had come to serve,” to his deacon. His message had the effect that more and more people have been touched by, people who others, the most vulnerable, wanted to serve, by helping and standing up for them. The diaconate, helping people, has evolved over the centuries. After World War II came the deacons with other initiatives such as retirement homes, social work and child welfare. Also, at this time, despite the social legislation and its associated equipment are still people who lead a difficult existence on the margins of our society. The parish is trying to help them, under the motto: “help where no (other) helper is more ‘.

Dorcas Ministries supports the churches in their diaconal aid. During 2016 Dorcas distributed through 113 tons of aid goods with a value $306000.

In 2016 Dorcas would like to continue this. But we can’t do this without your help.



We need $6500 forint for transport and distribution costs from Holland to Debrecen!

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