Dorcas was founded in Holland in 1983 by a Christian man, called Dirk Jan Groot. His call was based on Matthew 25 where Jesus asks his followers to take care of the hungry, naked, sick, refugees and people in prison. Now Dorcas has offices in 20 countries in Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Dorcas Hungary was founded in 1991 and along with the office, a 5,5HA camp sight was bought and developed into a Christian camping and conference center in Erdőspuszta near Debrecen. 

The board of Dorcas Ministries has clerical and lay members from an interdenominational community. In 2016 Dorcas Hungary became independent of Dorcas Holland but continues to be good partners in helping the poor.


Under the new name, Dorcas Ministries, the Hungarian Dorcas continues its mission in more then 15 places with the partnership of over 40 Christian churches. Dorcas Minisrties help churches implement projects so they can reach the community around them with the love of Christ. The projects are financed by Hungarian donors, companies, institutions and churches. Our focus groups are disadvantaged families, children and the elderly. Through our programs 20 tons of clothes and 10 tons of food is distributes, helping more than 8000 people annually.


Dorcas Ministries continues to serve and grow. We aim to expand our contacts and widen our projects so we can help more people. We wish to involve more churches from different parts of the country and ask more volunteers to be actively involved in the implementations of our projects. We thrive on the fact that we are an interdenominational aid organisation and therefore wish to provide the platform from the different church to come together under one noble cause: to show God’s love for the poor and oppressed through our loving deeds.

The need is still great in our country. The numbers of those who suffer the consequences of poverty is too great. I feel called to help these people have their voices heard and I am sure that there are many who will partner me and also willing to help them. I know Christ’s love for me – as he sacrificed his life so that I can live. Now I need to go and share this great news with the poor. But first, we need to help them and meet them where they are – at their needs, like Jesus did. Dorcas Minisrties would like to achieve sustainable development in the lives of those who are helped by us. Therefore our projects are well planned and aim to see the change in people’s lives that is possible by God’s grace and the love he shows through us.

Abel L. Kiss
Executive Manager

There is improvement in Hungary and we can be thankful for a lot of things that God has given us – as life after the communism has normalised. Still, there is a lot to do to help those who are still struggling with hunger, lack of medical care, bad housing conditions and lack of clothes on a daily basis. I have served at Dorcas Hungary for more than 10 years and see many receive the help they need through our projects. I trust that we can continue our mission and help people live in diginity – as all of us are created in the image of God. Please, if you can, help us reach this goal!

Ferenc Vojtkó